UK vs. US 2


UK vs. US

Many people believe the British and the Americans speak the same language. Think again!

“England and America are two countries separated by a common language.”
George Bernard Shaw

“We have really everything in common with America nowadays except, of course, language.”
Oscar Wilde

UK vs. US Worksheet 1

UK vs. US Worksheet 2

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  1. Reply Adam White Jan 31,2014 %I:%M %p

    I’m a Business English trainer in Germany and I just saw your product review in Business Spotlight magazine and then watched your promo video. It looks really good and I’ll be recommending it to all my students but one thing really annoyed me was this difference between US and UK English. In your promo video, you use this standard phrase “You can contact me at [tel. number]” and although I come from Australia (we generally use UK English) I’m not happy with this “at” preposition followed by the number. For me, it’s always been “You can contact me on [tel. number].” Now I’m not really sure if the British say contact me “at” this number but I have a book on Email English I use every day and the phrases therein use “on” instead and it is published by Macmillan in Oxford. I also watch quite a bit of American TV/movies and I can’t remember ever hearing an American say “contact me at this number”. As far as I understand, you can contact or write to someone “at” an address but “on” a telephone number.

    What does everyone else think? I think this phrase in your database should be changed to “on” not “at”.


    • Reply Jack Feb 9,2014 %I:%M %p

      Hi Adam,

      many thanks for your feedback! And yes, you are absolutely right re the usage of on vs. at. We are currently preparing the next update so you should see the changes quite soon. And, as it happens, one of the main elements of the update will be a FREE American English version!
      I am working on some teaching materials for classroom use, which will soon be available on the blog.

      Thanks again!

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