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“One should not aim at being possible to understand,
but at being impossible to misunderstand.”
Marcus Fabius Quintilian (AD 35-95)

After 15 years of training business people in language & communication, and discovering that the majority need English primarily to communicate via e-mail, I decided to start this blog to help you to write good English e-mail and to communicate more effectively in English. My name is Jack Spencer Prince and I am a business English trainer, Cambridge University examiner, author of EmailWriter, and now writer here at The Business English Blog.

I intend to answer your questions about business English and e-mail writing.
The Business English Blog provides regular explanations, articles and exercises on the subject of e-mails and the English language.
The perfect way to quickly improve your e-mail writing and English language skills.

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  1. Reply El Gamrouni Simo Jun 9,2013 %I:%M %p

    Lovely ! Wish you all the best :)

  2. Reply marina clark Jul 3,2013 %I:%M %p

    clever! – or should I say ‘smart’?

  3. Reply Nandita S Jul 24,2013 %I:%M %p

    Thanks ! Excellent idea and very helpful!

  4. Reply Hitesh Deepak Sep 15,2013 %I:%M %p

    Greetings Mate,

    You have a great job. Hope, you’re doing great on the Weekend.

    Hitesh D.

    Rathdhana ‘The Pride of India’

    Language Trainers of The World

  5. Reply Lyudmyla Sep 20,2013 %I:%M %p

    Thanks a lot! Great idea and very useful!

  6. Reply Aidan Duggan Jan 31,2014 %I:%M %p

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  7. Reply Mike Waters May 14,2014 %I:%M %p

    I really like this site. It has lots of very useful resources for business English trainers like myself. Jack is to be commended for creating a very professional site, and providing such valuable materials.

    Many thanks for this contribution to the field.


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