Homophones – Vocabulary & Pronunciation 11


Homophones – Vocabulary & Pronunciation

English is renowned for its logic or, as some would say, severe lack of it! This is mostly due to English being a melting pot of other languages, which, I believe, makes it such a rich language. Once you have mastered the rather misleading English spelling, you then discover that many words have multiple meanings and some words are pronounced the same despite different spelling, e.g
so /səʊ/
sow /səʊ/ (plant seeds)
sew /səʊ/ (stitch)

On the other hand, some words with identical spelling are pronounced differently e.g.
sow /səʊ/ (plant seeds)
sow /saʊ/ (pig)

Homophones are words which are pronounced the same although the spelling, meaning, or origin are different, e.g., place (location) and plaice (a North Atlantic flatfish).
Due to the different spelling people often mispronounce these words. Getting to know them as homophones will help your pronunciation and finding out other meanings of words is a great way of expanding your vocabulary!
It is certainly knot a waist of thyme!

Here are the first 3 worksheets. One with hints and a more advanced version without:

Homophones #1 (With hints)
Homophones #2 (With hints)
Homophones #3 (With hints)

Homophones #1 (Without hints)
Homophones #2 (Without hints)
Homophones #3 (Without hints)


NB caught and court are not homophones in American English!

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    I really find it useful and entertaining for the first classes just after the school entrance. it involves all pupils to take as it encourages pupils to work in groups.

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