E-mail Openings – Prepositions 3


You should clearly state your reason for writing at the beginning of an e-mail.
Most readers scan e-mails to find out how the information contained affects them and to see whether they need to take any action. Using a clear first sentence will help communicate to your reader exactly why you are writing.

Here is a worksheet on some common openings to e-mails.

worksheet – e-mail-openings_prepositions

3 thoughts on “E-mail Openings – Prepositions

  1. Reply alexander Jun 24,2013 %I:%M %p

    Yes, unless it’s a transactional email, where you should first be acknowledging &/or thanking the person first for writing. ;-)

  2. Reply Linda Cox Jun 28,2013 %I:%M %p

    FYI or FYA?
    Just thought I’d throw the following in – one of our clients has changed their emailing culture to using either FYI or FYA in the subject line so that it is quicker for the recipient to recognise whether to open it immediately or later when they have more time.

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