The 9 Pronunciations of -ough 11

The 9 Pronunciations of -ough
The English language is renowned for its sometimes seemingly illogical spelling and pronunciation. -ough is a perfect example of this. Try reading this short passage about investments. Though I thought investing would be tough, after thoroughly ploughing through the borough … I rethought … due to a drought the price of dough was enough to ...

Homophones – Part 2 (p – z) 6

Homophones – Part 2 (p – z)
High their! Eye no how confusing homophones mite bee four ewe, sew eye have maid a few moor worksheets two help yew on yore weigh!(Hi there! I know how confusing homophones might be for you, so I have made a few more worksheets to help you on your way!)   Homophones #4 (With hints)
 Homophones ...

Homophones – Vocabulary & Pronunciation 11

Homophones – Vocabulary & Pronunciation
Homophones – Vocabulary & Pronunciation English is renowned for its logic or, as some would say, severe lack of it! This is mostly due to English being a melting pot of other languages, which, I believe, makes it such a rich language. Once you have mastered the rather misleading English spelling, you then discover that ...