40 Prepositional Phrases for Emails 5


Test your knowledge of prepositions and improve your email writing skills!

Prepositions, particularly when part of a prepositional phrase or phrasal verb, are often problematic for learners of English. Not only can meaning be lost if incorrectly used, in some cases they can lead to a misunderstanding. For example, if you deal with children, you might be a teacher, a social worker, a carer, or a sweet shop owner. In contrast, if you deal in children you are undoubtedly a criminal!
And if you tell your boss you can’t come to work because you are looking for your sick baby (instead of looking after), they might think you are somewhat irresponsible!

Complete the email by using the correct prepositions. There are clues in brackets to help you.

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5 thoughts on “40 Prepositional Phrases for Emails

  1. Reply raffaella cantillo Sep 7,2016 %I:%M %p

    Great work!! It will be hugely helpful in getting my secondary school students into writing formal emails/letters!! Wow!!

  2. Reply Emma Sep 12,2016 %I:%M %p

    That could be really helpful. thanks for all your work!!

  3. Reply Anu Oct 27,2016 %I:%M %p

    This is extremely helpful! Good work, and well thought out! Thanks much!

  4. Reply Wayne Nov 8,2016 %I:%M %p

    Tried out the worksheet myself. Enjoyed It. Good job. I’ve decided to check out the other exercises at http://blog.emailwriter.de/exercises/. I will add this to my lesson planner. Thanks.

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